Sunday, December 28, 2008

The end of the holiday weekend.

Well it has been a wonderful few days off, well I worked last night but it was only 3-11 and it was over at trauma. When I am working there, it isn't so much work as it is a learning experience. But that is a whole other subject, it is amazing what they can do these days to save lives.

Well my grandfather and brothers came up for a couple days, we had a little Christamas celebration friday when they got up here. Then on saturday I made chili cheese bake. It is a awesome family dish that my mother use to make every Christmas morning, and it is a tradition that we have all carried on since my mother passed away. After breakfast Matt took, Steven, Matthew and his friend John out to the desert to shoot their guns at targets. Matt likes doing that, it is a huge stress releaser for him. I hung out with Grandpa and the kids while they were gone. We had a good time, both Josh and Nikki love their papa Phil, as Nikki calls him. It is so cute to hear her say "mama where PAPA Phil, I love PAPA Phil".

They all left this morning, after that we cleaned the house and did laundry, just getting ready for the week ahead. I didn't pick up any extra hours at trauma this week, so it will be just one of our normal weeks. I work tomorrow and the kids go to "school". I can not believe that thursday is new years day. Matt and I don't have any plans, we will just hang out at our home where it is warm and SAFE!!!!

Here are a couple pictures of Uncle Matthew playing with the kids.

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