Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wow, so it has been over a month since I posted anything. Well we have had so much going on. My nephew Hayden came home from the hospital a couple weeks ago. He is doing great, had put on about 1.5 lbs. The doctors say there probably isn't any neuro deficit, also he should be walk to walk with just a little bit of a limp. It is just an amazing story. I haven't gotten to meet him yet, hopefully one day soon. About two weeks ago, the kids and I went down to California to help my grandfather clean at some closets and just visit. We had a good time but cut the trip a few days short. It is really hard to travel by myself with the two of them. Last week Nikki went potty in the big girl potty. She did really good the first day, and now doesn't really have a desire to try again. I know it is a process, and I am not going to push her, I know it will happen when she is good and ready.

I also quit my second job, I wasn't working there all that much. I wasn't able to pick up as many hours as they would like me to, and the money wasn't really enough to justify me staying there. I will really miss working in the trauma center, but it was the best decision for my family and the department. Now they can hire someone who can give them all the time and hours they need.

Another thing I am really happy about, is Matt's old band is no longer together. YAY, no more playing at dirty disgusting whole in the wall dive bars. His old band was a punk rock band that played at awful hours I mean like 1am. He and the singer of the old band, started a new one, they don't have a new band name yet. But the music they play is more of the popular rock you hear on the radio. I like it a lot better, and hopefully they will be playing at better places, and at more decent hours. Which means I might be able to find a sitter and be able to go out and enjoy my husbands talent.

The big thing that happened this weekend is that Joshy turned one!!!!! We had a little party for him which was perfect. When Nikki turned one, I over did and threw a huge party, that just wore me out. This time around, I ordered food, and just had family over, we ate lunch, opened presents, had cake, and just enjoyed our time together. I was able to actually visit with everyone instead of being stuck in the kitchen. It was great, Joshy had his own little cake to mash up. He really enjoyed it, and Nikki did great helping Joshy open his presents, without trying to do it all by herself. I was very proud of her.

There was one toy she loved that Joshy got, it was a Big headed Winnie the Pooh. Matt talked me into going out and getting her the big headed Tigger, which I did today and she LOVES it!!!

Well I promise not to take a month to post the next up date. My really good friend Corin and her children Dakota and Levi are coming up this week, so hopefully we will get together and I will have more to post on.

Everyone have a great week!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Hayden is here!!!!

My nephew Hayden Steven Koerner, was born last night at 6:25 pm via c-section. We all have been waiting for his birth, he was six weeks early but doing better then expected. I know I haven't spoken to much about everything, but back in October Hayden was diagnosed with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Sunday evening Brandy (my sister in-law) went into preterm labor. When they got to the hospital her contractions were 3 mins apart and she was dilated to 4.5 cm.. They admitted her and did an ultrasound, the resident on call that evening said it didn't look good, and that the baby was probably not going to survive delivery. They put her on mag. and waited for the perinat. to get in on monday for another ultrasound. He determined it was not as bad as the resident had mentioned. They kept her on the mag. for a three days, and gave Brandy 4 doses of steroids. Yesterday at 10am they took her off the mag, and she went right back into labor at around 11 and her water broke at 1:30. She had had breakfast at ten so they had to wait until six in the evening to do the c-section.

Little Hayden came out screaming, weigh 5.8 and had apgars of 8/9. They sent him to NICU, to examine him. He was transferred up to Valley Children's Hospital in Madera, CA. Where I just got an update from and he is doing really well, they are getting ready to take him back to the OR to place a shunt and to close his back. It turned out he has a pretty unsevere case of spina bifida, it is at the base of his spine where it causes the least amount of complications. It will be about six months till they no what the last effects will be, from it. It will also take sometime to see wont complications he may have from the hydrocephalus.

It is amazing to me, that sunday night I get a phone call that my nephew may not survive, and now today they are saying he could be in NICU for as little as 5-7days or up to a month. Either way my family is very happy with the news.

Lets just see if we can get my brother, his wife and niece into a better situation, but that is a whole other story for a whole other day.



Aunt KK, Uncle Matt, Nikki and Joshy!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed......

I hoping I am not giving us any bad luck right now, but Matt and I applied for a home loan tonight. We are hoping to get prequalified to purchase our first house!!!! I will keep everyone posted, and post pictures of houses we look at as we narrow it down.

Wish us luck.

Monday, January 5, 2009

It must of meant to be.....

I was playing on the Social Security Indexes website just now, and in 1979 the year I was born Joshua was ranked number 9 for boys and Nicole was ranked 9 as well. Then in 1980 when Matt was born, both of the kids names were ranked 7. I just thought that was interesting, and kind of cool.